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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is my first blogging experience and I've debated and discussed (mostly with myself) about the many interesting topics I could blog about. Finally I realized, by my professor, that I needed to be able to argue my point.

So, my goal for this blog is to shake things up a little and talk about nutrition. There are many ideas Americans have formed over the years, due to governmental advertising, that are absolutely false.

"What? How could this be?" you ask. My humble opinion... we live in a consumer driven world financed by rich white old men who love making money from the poor.

But my opinion isn't what matters here. Although I'd like to think that researchers who give the general population nutrition information have no idea what they are researching.

Basically, every week I will post about a food group or food product. I will explain what the government/advertising agencies/the FDA say about these foods and then I will tell you the truth. This truth will be backed up by many different sources of research by Doug A. Kaufmann and Michael Murray N.D., just to name a few.

I am proposing, not that the government/advertising agencies/the FDA are wrong, but that there are much healthier ways of getting healthy and consuming nutrition then... drinking milk, or eating peanuts. The idea of corn and pop corn and corn starch are all things that I plan to talk about.

So... if you like reading about things that you wish were said, or if you think that glass of milk you drink every morning gives you all the vitamins you need for the day, then keep reading. Oh yes, and please post what you think, I really want to know... I will do my best to respond as p.c. as possible. (politically correct)

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