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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am full of so many things... one of them is reasons

I learned how to be a mother at a very young age, and not because I was a promiscuous kid.

When I was in second grade, my mother became extremely ill. I would go into more details, but I don’t remember them all myself. I entered into public school for the first time and later found out that my mother was given two options from the doctors, chemotherapy or 2 years to live. She chose neither of these options. Click here to look at a sight about the latest chemotherapy treatments, they've come a long way in 15 years and I found the information interesting.

Two families from our church, at the time, gave my mother the money to go to a nutritionist who might be able to help. As my family had little money, this nutritionist took my mother in as his “tax write off” for the year.

Side note: private practitioners do this to get a large tax break.

This nutritionist discovered that my mother had a lot of fungus in her body that grew profusely and was essentially choking her organs causing her to have the symptoms she had. She went on a very strict diet, only eating meat and vegetables at first to kill off the fungus. My mother learned which foods fed the fungus and which foods didn’t.

Thankfully, my mother, 15 years later, is still alive and well. She still follows this diet, as does my family, and the last time I took an anti-biotic I was in 3rd grade. The nutritionist that helped my mother was Doug A. Kaufmann. This is the reason why I quote him every week. He has written many books pairing up with Dr. David Holland, M.D. and researched patients for many years in Texas.

I also want to say thank you to all the people who posted on my blog, I wasn’t expecting there to be anybody but I guess my blog isn’t 1000 words so it was easier to read and post about. Thanks anyway. I would like to comment back and preface this blog with the same disclaimer. I do realize these topics are controversial and I also know that I will be addressing many food products that people eat on a regular basis.

My goal isn’t to change people’s opinions, just educate.

Also… Mushrooms are a form of fungus and it is used in anti-biotic medicine, which can help many people. But it also puts the body at risk for so many more diseases in the long run, so it has to be a personal choice as to whether or not a person eats it. I choose not to just because I ruin my body enough with all of the chocolate I eat.

This week I wanted to talk about milk and how it can be damaging to your system but I think, if anyone who wants to respond this week on their opinion of milk (how awesome it is, how horrible it is, ect.) then next week I will do my best to respond to every post, then put up the research I’ve done to defend my side.

I think that will make it interesting.


  1. Well, I just drank some milk tonight. In fact, I drink milk almost every day. The only thing that I can think of that may be wrong with milk are the saturated fats. One good thing in milk would be, of course, calcium. That's pretty much all I know about milk. I hope you don't tell me that milk is horrible for me, since I really do like it...

  2. Oooo, I'd love to weigh in on the milk debate and maybe help you make (or break) a point.

    I read somewhere that humans are the only mammals to continue to drink milk after infancy (and quite obviously the only ones to do so regularly from another animal). And consequently, our stomachs are naturally lactose intolerant because of the enzymes and whatever else involved. But, studies have shown that herders and other groups of people around the world who regularly drink milk develop a lactose tolerance. Kind of like people who move from up north to down south get used to the climate change; it's just our body adapting to our surroundings and our diet.

    This has always kind of vaguely interested me because my mom is lactose intolerant, but I'm not. I love milk - preferably whole (none of that skim crap; that's identical to drinking diet soda), although I rarely drink it because it goes bad so quickly so it's not a feasible grocery option right now.

    Or at least, it's SUPPOSED to go bad quickly.

    But because my mom can't drink it, she would get soymilk for herself and whole milk for me. On a couple of occasions I tried soymilk, but it actually upset my stomach. Funny how that works, right?

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  4. First of all, let me say that what happened was a miracle. I mean.. once chemotherapy is involved, I guess people start thinking that it's serious. I just can't believe that changing the diet worked so well. I am skeptical about it, but I think it's amazing how it helped your mom!

    Now, about the milk.. According to my mom, I was not able to drink cow's milk when I was a baby, but she introduced it to me gradually until I got over it. I can drink whatever now. I prefer the taste of soy milk over whole milk though. It's pretty expensive, but it gives this certain taste that I really like. However, if someone offers me chocolate milk, forget soy milk. I extremely love chocolate milk. I guess one of the reasons my parents wanted me to drink milk so bad is because it's considered to be healthy. I do believe so too. I just really don't want to have calcium-related conditions when I get older.

  5. This is an amazing story and just goes to show that all options should be explored in any situation before a decision is made. Although a person may be "right" in his or her field, it may not be the best possible option for each individual.